Be a part of something bigger by becoming a member today!
Be a part of something bigger!
August 27, 2020

Be a part of something bigger!

Become a member online by filling out the form here!

Without members, our co-operative doesn’t exist. That means that YOU are important!

A membership is only $10. You only pay once, and you earn cash back and equity for the rest of your life!

The following percentages will be allocated back to you with your purchases:
Fuel - 6.5%
Oil - 9.0% 3
Fertilizer - 2.0%
Chemical - 2.0%
Food & Fashion - 5.0%
Appliances - 3.0%

And, every time you shop, you will know that a part of the profits are going back to help our community. Last year we gave over $300,000 in donations, and $1.4 million back to our members!

When you become a member, you’re actually buying a share in our co-operative, which means as a member you’re an owner. If the Co-op has a good year, then part of those profits go back to you.

100% of our profits stay in right our community. We don’t give any earnings to billionaire owners!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need to buy a Co-op membership?

A: A Co-op membership is different than other retail memberships because you’re actually buying a share in our business. It’s the fundamental way a co-operative is different from other business models – it means you own a share in the co-op, you can vote in our annual meetings and you share in our profits.

Q: Do I need a membership to shop at Co-op?

A: No, but you’ll miss out on exclusive member offers and won’t be able to get cash back for your purchases, or gain equity in our business.

Q: Can I have a joint membership with my partner or spouse?

A: Yes, joint memberships are available, but you’ll only get one vote in our annual meeting, since one vote is given per membership.

Q: What if I move? Can I keep my Co-op number and account?

A: If you move within our Co-op’s trading area, then we just need to know your new address. Your number and account remain the same. If you move outside our trading area, you can cash in your membership and receive any equity you’ve earned.

Become a member!

Call us to learn more about becoming a member at 204-325-9595, e-mail OR visit our office to sign up at 370 Main Street.

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