Learn more about delivery and pick-up options with Co-op!
August 29, 2020

Winkler & Morden Co-op Food Stores have several options to make your shopping experience more enjoyable!

Did you know that we offer both SAME DAY delivery and SAME DAY pick up services?

We now offer delivery services at $5 per delivery in Winkler and Morden. We will continue to offer our pick-up services at no charge.

Please contact us to place your orders between 8 am - 1 pm, Monday - Friday, and 8 — 11 am, Saturday by calling 204-325-1660 or email orderdesk@winklercoop.com. You may also fill out an online form here.

Credit card or debit accepted.

In order to make things run smoothly, please have the following info ready:

  • Co-op number
  • Delivery address
  • Special instructions
  • Payment information (credit card)
  • List of grocery items grouped into Dairy, Produce, Bakery, Frozen Foods, Deli, Meat, and Grocery items.
    TIP: check out sale items at our Co-op App or here.


After we have gathered your information we will let you know that a friendly Delivery Shopper will call you back when they become available. One of our Delivery Shoppers will then call you personally and walk you through the store to ensure that you get the items you want at the prices you want. Your order will then be delivered to your door.


We are now offering pick-up. Place your order as above, and we will call you when it is ready for pick-up. You will then drive up to our pick-up area and our team member will place the order directly into your trunk, hatch, or truck box. Pick-ups currently available until 4 pm.

If you have questions, please call us at 204-325-1660, Monday - Friday or email orderdesk@winklercoop.com.