Co-op Week is October 15-19.
Co-op Week
October 13, 2019

Co-op Week is October 15-19. This week we celebrate being a Co-operative! 

Pick up your equity cheques at the following locations:

Winkler Food Store
Tuesday, October 15  8 am - 9pm
Wednesday, October 16 — 8 am - 9pm

Morden Food Store
Thursday, October 17 — 8 am - 9pm
Friday, October 18 — 8 am - 9pm

This week:
  • Enjoy FREE coffee at all of our local gas bars
  • Enjoy FREE coffee & cookies at our Food Stores
  • Enter to WIN Jets Tickets
  • Enjoy local food demo's at our food stores

Letter from Evan Toews

Co-op week is here. It’s time for you, our members, to collect your equity cheques once again.

2018 was a good year for our Co-op. With continued support from you, we were able to celebrate many successes along the way, including our contribution of over $304,000 to local non-profit organizations that provide support, assistance, development, growth and learning to all of us. This is something that sets us apart and something that we are proud of.

Being a Co-op is different. We have the opportunity to support our community in nearly every way imaginable. To keep our profits here, at home. To build, assist, grow, and develop the place we live, work and play together as friends and family. This is what makes us different. This is what makes the Co-op way a better way. We are set apart by our values, by our commitment to the communities and by keeping our profits right here where they belong. In 2018, our profits shared to our members totalled $4,370,921. Of this $2,518,152 will be paid back to members in cash this month. This is only possible because of your support and your belief in our Co-op.

We wish to continue to gain your trust and to develop local partnerships that will enhance our lives in every community we serve. Thank you for your ongoing support, your encouragement, as well as the feedback that you as members provide. Our goal is to provide quality product at the best service. After all, you’re at home here!

- Evan Toews - Winkler Co-op, General Manager