Fuel Good Day is Sept 17
Fuel good day is Sept 17
September 9, 2019

On Tuesday, Sept. 17, 5¢/Litre of fuel purchases at Winkler Gas Bar, Morden Gas Bar, Plum Coulee Gas Bar, Thornview Gas Bar, Lowe Farm Gas Bar and the Truckstop on hwy 14, will be donated to GVSD, Western School Division and Lowe Farm School in order to aid in local school meal programs.

An example of school meal programs includes Western School Divisions “Healthy Minds” program. Carl Pederson is quite involved with the program stating “We serve breakfasts to all students that wish to participate. Some students need the breakfasts due to a lack of food at home but many have breakfast at school because of the lack of time to eat properly at home. Some also come for the social aspect. It gives a chance to eat with friends before the start of the day and encourages a good start to the day. Toast, cereals, fruit, yogurt, cheese, milk and water are served daily. In addition I prepare snack bags of vegetables for middle and high school students to take with them and snack on.

”Our breakfast programs run daily at these schools for the entire school year. In 2018/2019 school year, over 2,300 breakfasts were served at Maple Leaf School and over 6,800 were served at Ecole Morden Middle School and Morden Collegiate.”

The funds raised on Fuel Good Day will go directly to local schools to be distributed as needs arise.

Local radio stations will be on hand from 3-6 pm to spread the news of the funds being raised.

We are also welcoming guest pumpers throughout the day, including Morden Mayor Brandon Burley, Winkler Police Chief Ryan Hunt, Morden Police Chief Brad Neduzak, and local Fire Fighters and MJHL Hockey players.

We hope you join us in caring for local children in this way, on Tuesday, Sept. 17 for Fuel Good Day.