WIN a gift basket for dad by creating a Worms in Dirt Dessert!
June 14, 2021

Hey kids!

From June 14-19, pick up your Kids Club Father’s Day Worm in Dirt Dessert Kits at the Winkler & Morden Co-op Food Stores.

The kit contains 3 pudding cups, Oreo cookie crumbs, 8 twin gummy worms, dessert cups, & spoons.

Submit pictures of your creations below for your chance to WIN a snack pack gift basket for dad! We will choose 4 winners!


Step 1:
Buy a kit (while quantities last), and take it home to create your masterpieces.
Step 2:
Wash your hands! Every Co-op Mini Chef knows before they do anything in the kitchen they must wash their hands with soap and water.
Step 3:
Open your Co-op Mini Chef at Home Kit and take each item out of the box.
Step 4:
Open one pudding cup and put two heaping spoons of pudding in each dessert cup.
Step 5:
Place 2 gummy worms in each dessert cup along cup wall.
Step 6:
Place 2 heaping spoonfuls of Oreo cookie crumbs on top of pudding.
Step 7:
Repeat steps 4, 5, and 6 until all ingredients are used up.
Step 8:
Take a picture of the fun! Pictures could include the process of creating and the fun you had along the way. Every picture submitted will be entered to win a gift basket for dad!

Upload your pictures here.

Contest deadline June 19, 2021.
All submissions must be entered by 11:59 pm.
Winners announced on June 21, 2021.

Happy Father’s Day!