JUNE ONLY! Co-op will donate 3¢/L to local charities effected by COVID-19.
3¢/L to Charities on Friday
June 3, 2020

Recently we completed our online Love Local Auction raising more than $8000 for local charities. 

We'd like to continue with this momentum!  Every Friday in June, we will donate 3¢/L to local non-profit organizations that have had to cancel fundraising events due to COVID-19. 

You are invited to fill up on Fridays knowing that in doing so you will be contributing to our community in a significant way! 

Please nominate your non-profit organization recipient of choice here. Funds will be gathered at the end of June and distributed to multiple non-profit organizations that have been nominated. 

Note: This is not a vote. Every non-profit organization nominated will received a percentage of funds.  

The following locations will be participating:

Lowe Farm Co-op
78 Main Street
Lowe Farm, MB

Thornview Gas Bar
274 Thornhill Street
Morden, MB

Plum Coulee Gas Bar
48 Highway Avenue
Plum Coulee, MB

Winkler Gas Bar
755 Main Street
Winkler, MB

Co-op Truckstop
Highway 3
Winkler, MB

Morden Gas Bar
11 Thornhill Street
Morden, MB

If you have questions, please email lovelocal@winklercoop.com.

Thank you for loving local with us!