Co-op Agro
August 17, 2023

From day-to-day tasks to major farm jobs, Winkler Co-op provides you with a variety of services and products. Now with 2 sites to serve you better in Morden & Rosetown. With a full line of crop inputs and custom application, call today to discuss what we can do to help you in the next year. Call Morden @ 204-325-1658 or Rosetown @ 204-327-6424.

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Meridian Products

Meridian Grain Storage and Handling equipment now available at you local Co-op Agro Site

Morden Agro 204-325-1658

Rosetown Agro 204-327-6424

Crop Supplies

Whether it's seed, fertilizer, crop protection or beyond, we provide the products you need to maximize your crop yield.

Agronomy Services

Why settle for a good crop year when you can have a great one? Our agronomy services team can provide the advice you need to take your crop to the next level.

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