June 6, 2023

Product Inventory

We stock the largest selection of Westeel and Meridian bulk fuel storage and Transport Canada certified slip tanks in Manitoba. If we don’t have the tank you’re looking for in stock, we can get it!

· Westeel and Meridian 300, 500, 1,000 gallon single and double wall tanks

· Road Vault slip tanks from 285 to 4500 litres

· Large capacity tanks from 8,500 to 80,000 litres

· Westeel Recyoil used oil storage tanks

· Westeel heating oil tanks

· A full line of Fill Rite 115V and 12V transfer pumps, as well as meters, nozzles, hoses, pump rebuild kits, and more.

· RAASM oil pumps, Enviro Stax oil storage totes

· Piusi and Fill Rite DEF pumps and accessories

Contact & location info:

Blaine Reimer C. 204-362-0606 blaine.reimer@winkler.crs

Lowe Farm location (Westeel tanks)

John Wall C. 204-312-0648 john.wall@winkler.crs

Winkler Co-op Truck Stop location (Meridian tanks)

Pricing and Financing

We sell below MSRP, and Winkler Co-op fuel customers receive a 5% discount on top of that!

Winkler Co-op members can use up to $3,000.00 of equity annually towards fuel tank purchases.

Eligible members can finance their tank purchase at $0 down, 0% interest over 5 years on a fuel supply agreement (annual litre minimum may apply).

Request a quote form with the contact info above!

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