Co-op Pharmacy Morden - Now Open
April 24, 2024

We have a new pharmacy location in our Morden Food Store.

At Co-op, we care about your health. Visit our pharmacy where our pharmacy teams will cover everything you need to know about your medications and wellness products. Stop in or give us a call!

Co-op Pharmacy @ Morden

Phone: 1 (204) 822 1400

Fax: 1 (204) 201 3543

Benefits of being a member
Winkler Co-op members can earn equity and cash back with their prescription purchases. Our pharmacy team members can have you transferred over quickly and easily.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Free prescription deliveries
  • Medication reviews
  • Minor ailments prescribing
  • Vaccinations and injections
  • Free blister packaging
  • Smoking cessation prescribing

Making the Switch

Want to make the switch over to us? Speak with one of our pharmacy team members and they can have your information sent to us.

Order Prescription Refills Online or Over the Phone!

Refills at our Co-op Pharmacy are quick and easy. Simply download our Co-op Pharmacy app or visit our online refill site and click “Quick Refill” to order by Rx# and phone number with no login required. To fill in your online profile, visit our pharmacy staff and they will provide you with an ID and pin. You can also call us at: 204-822-1400.

Online Refill Site — Click Here!

Prescription Refills Direct Line  1-844-688-3674 (text 'more info' to this number and you'll be directed on how you can order your refills through text message!)

Pharmacist Prescribing

Our Co-op pharmacists may be able to renew or extend a prescription that has run out of refills. This can be helpful when you no longer have refills remaining and need to avoid interrupting your treatment.

Co-op's Care+ Products

Keep yourself feeling great and looking great with the variety of health and beauty goods Co-op's Care+ line of products have to offer. We have brand name products, as well as our Care+ line of store brand items.
For more information about Co-op's health & beauty store brand, please visit our Store Brands website.

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